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Tax Service

Our tax services include the preparation or review of the federal tax forms used by tax-exempt organizations including Forms 990, 990-EZ, 990-T and 990-PF.

Since our tax services are exclusive to tax-exempt organizations, we are able to focus on understanding the form requirements, challenges and common errors made. We guide our clients through the necessary questions, data collection and presentation to help ensure that the completed form meets IRS guidelines, funder needs and provides good information to the public.


We have developed a comprehensive package to ensure that the right questions are being asked in the right way to produce the best result. We also utilize the same team for both compliance services (audit, review and compilation) and the tax return preparation to ensure that the best, most complete information is being shared between compliance and tax. We have seen time and again how this cross-functional approach leads to a more accurate return, less duplication of requested information and better feedback to our clients on items to focus on. We also have many clients that choose to have us prepare the tax return without any other services. Whether your needs include both compliance and tax preparation, tax prep only or simply a review of your in-house prepared return, we are here to help.


Our combination of focus, experience, streamlined information gathering and cross-functional teams creates an exceptional tax product in both quality and price.

“Working with Judy Jones and her team really helped us prepare our 990.  They provided worksheets and spreadsheets so we could work through the questions and get our financial information into the right format.  And, most importantly, they were great when we had questions or needed support.  We feel secure knowing that our filing is accurate and complete.”  Kris Sigloh, Northwest Girlchoir

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